ESSENS is one of the most dynamic MLM companies in Europe. Since 2011 it has been engaged in the production of cosmetics, premium food supplements and ecological home cleaning detergents. In addition to having millions of satisfied customers, the distributions network consisting of thousands of members is supported by branches on three continents. Behind the success of the company is a network of distributors led by professional leaders and also a team of senior management along with ESSENS owners Mr Viliam Lalinský, Libor Prus and Michal Kovář at the helm.

Dalibor Kopel

Chief Operations Officer
I merged my professional career with ESSENS at the beginning of 2016. At this time, I saw enormous potential. I personally had the challenge to apply my experience from large international corporations.

When I look back on the past three years, I see a tremendous amount of work. For an example: In 2015, ESSENS dispatched 111.000 orders, in 2018 already 700.000 and in 2019 we will try to hit the goal of 1 million of orders per year. These are the numbers that bind and create enormous pressure on processes, information systems, and especially on us, ESSENS employees.

Steve Jobs often used Wayne Gretzky`s quotation " I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been." And I would like our philosophy to be exactly that. Every day, we are trying to bring and apply changes, improvements, using the technique "Thinking outside the box" and mostly to foresee any needs of our costumers before they even feel it. Sometimes we take two steps forward and one step back, but we will never stay still. However, our focus is and always will be on you – our customers.

Vladimíra Horváthová

Financial Officer
"Vladimíra is one of the examples that ESSENS values its long-term employees, supports them in their personal development and gives them the opportunity to grow into any positions in top management.

Vladimíra has been with ESSENS since the opening in 2011, however she worked for several years before that for another company, that was also successfully run by Mr. Michal Kovář. She started her career straight after graduation from high school, when she joined the company as a sales operator and thanks to her responsible approach, she was promoted in 2011 and accepted a position of Office Manager Czech. For the next 7 years, she was responsible for running entire Czech branch, including HR, managing the team of employees and she was also involved in financial issues of the company. At a time, when the company started expanding and the positions of Chief Financial Officer was required, there was no doubt as to who would take this new role. In her own humble words, she says: "I do not know what I should say about myself. I don’t feel that my career path is important or interesting. I have been working for ESSENS since we first opened and I have always tried to do my best with the best possible conscience and always with regard to what is the best for the company. I have always been looking for solutions rather than excuses. ESSENS is very close to my heart and that´s how I look at any issues that need to be solved."

Radka Hadačová

Manager ESSENS Italy
"Radka joined ESSENS in 2014 before opening one of the most important branches, ESSENS Italy. As she lived in Italy for many years, she had a perfect knowledge of Italian legislation and her heart and soul were truly Italian. She was able to brilliantly secure all the legal requirements, confront a very complicated bureaucracy and, despite all the pitfalls, arrange a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for a new Italian branch.

From the very beginning, she has been fully responsible for her flawless branch performance. To be able to stay in centre of events, also to be close to everybody that requires her presence, whether it is and official clerks, employee or Italian leader, she is travelling to Italy every week. And how she describes her challenging job in her own words? “In my life, I always followed my intuition and sixth sense. If I don’t like something or disagree with anything, I am not afraid to say it. I can, however, be totally excited about anything that I feel would be perfect for the company, for the future and it would push us in the right directions. That’s exactly what I felt when I was offered a job as a manager of ESSENS ITALY. I am absolutely thrilled that my intuition did not disappoint me.

Not only I was able to be involved in wonderful experiences, but I met a lot of amazing people, and many of them are still my very close friends. ESSENS has become my family. And so, with time, I can see that the job and everything that comes with it, made sense. A well-thought-out company with an emphasis on quality, detail and people, and that must make sense to everyone."" "

Leona Ratajská

Manager ESSENS Czech & Spain
Leona is a recently appointed team member who joined the ESSENS team in June, 2018. She gained her experience in a completely different industry, however, this job was also related to an international environment and project management. She was in responsible for international education across the globe for several years where she was instrumental in providing various study programmes for teenagers.

Nowadays, she is in charge of two ESSENS branches, in Czech Republic and Spain. Her role is to oversee the daily operations of these two branches in every aspect. Leona’s thoughts on her new role: “All of my life I´ve had just one goal – to work in in a company that makes people happy, this is my daily motivation. On one hand, I like the certainty of already established, stable and functioning things, but on the other hand I am open-minded person – because this can move me and us forward. Being an active and inquisitive person, I enjoy the immediate results and feedback from everybody - my colleagues and also our ESSENS members. Every day I feel honoured to be part of such an amazing company, that ESSENS definitely is.”

Anastassiya Stepanova

Junior Manager ESSENS Russia
Anastassiya joined ESSENS at the beginning of March 2017. She came to the Czech Republic three years earlier from her home country - Kazakhstan, where she graduated from college in psychology. Already during the studies, as a swimming instructor, she devoted herself to helping handicapped citizens, while at the same time developing and improving her education.

She was always attracted to anything that was extraordinary, new and exciting and that were the reasons for leaving the country to experience a different life, cultures and people. After passing final exams in Czech language, she started building her life in Brno which she immediately fell in love with. “My goal was to find a place where I could use my knowledge, Russian language and where I could learn something new. I´ve always been a person who loves scents and fragrances because they can bring the most beautiful memories, imaginations and dreams. I see it a miracle that I managed to find a place where I am surrounded by stunning fragrances and I am getting the best experiences, knowledge and also opportunity to grow as a person and also as an employee. I met not only interesting and hardworking people who are true professionals but I also made very good friends too – and all that is ESSENS.

My major job is to connect Russian branch with the Headquarters, be available 24/7 and make sure that Brno and Russian teams cooperate smoothly, and I believe they are. Finally, I would like to say that thanks to ESSENS my wishes and dreams have been fulfilled and I am extremely grateful and happy that my path has brought me right here.”

Jana Hovorková

Marketing Manager
Jana joined ESSENS 2012 and was one of the original team members. She had previously been in the health and business sectors for many years. As a co-founder of a non-profit organisation, she provided all marketing and advertising strategies, public relations and issues related to its operation. She was involved in marketing as a freelancer for other companies, especially as the author of texts and a webmaster. She is currently in charge of the ESSENS marketing and graphic team, she supervises and coordinates all company marketing campaigns and projects, also any printed materials that are representing our company worldwide. As far as her activity in ESSENS is concerned, she says: “I was in the right time at the right place”. After many years of secure stability, I ran into a completely unknown project for me and I risked mine and my son’s future, being a single parent. Still, I felt the opportunity for growth and personal development, and I am still grateful to my sixth sense that I accepted the job offer. I have gained valuable experience from different segments and markets, and my job keeps pushing me further. And that`s exactly what I need, because, as a person in the Fire Zodiac sign, I cannot stand the stereotype. I`m happy to have a job that I love and I`m proud to be part of ESSENS.

Petr Večeřa

Production Manager
"I joined ESSENS in 2018, but I have more than 25 years of experience in a foreign trade, where I was in charge of imports from many countries and had to go through the thorny path of customs legislation, new laws of the post-revolutionary state, and later of the European Union. This involves traveling, communicating in various languages, and exploring new business relationships, as well as establishing friendships with business partners. I believe that personal relationships and knowledge of different cultures allow you to find the best links where a business is changing into a partnership.

I knew ESSENS and its founder from the very beginning when he was still trying to break through the market. Today, I see a company that is standing strongly on its own two feet and is providing a massive support for all partners. Some might say - I´m glad that I work here, but it might sound like a cliché. I can honestly say, that I have a dream job. And if the employee is satisfied, the company can also flourish and develop. I just want to live ESSENS.”

Veronika Fiedlerová

Head of Process Analysis and Controlling
Veronika is our most recent colleague, starting her role in ESSENS in August 2018. She had been previously working for over 10 years as a project manager for European Union funds in several private companies and had been involved in many important projects (purchase and implementation of new information systems for hospitals, reconstructions or modernisation of factory buildings, modernisation of their production processes and many others). However, this job that was chained by regulations and bureaucratic decisions and did not suit her personality in the long run, she started to look for young, dynamic and modern companies, where she could improve her managerial and personal skills. Then she found ESSENS. Her job involves global control of processes that are related with IT department, or analysis of company key data with regards to each foreign branch and franchises. “I was lucky to meet an amazing ESSENS team and that is very important for me – not only professionally but also on a personal level. I truly enjoy working with numbers and live data, and I don’t like a stereotype, which is impossible to find here. And most of all, I always look forward to going to work, so I can try the perfumes testers upon my arrival, to face new job challenges or to enjoy a fantastic lunch for our amazing company Chef – Robert”.