The world of technology is moving forward and we want to keep up with this trend. This is why we would like to introduce the myESSENS Mobile App that was developed to make your purchases simpler, for a better overview, for easier work with your network and especially for your convenience. MyESSENS will offer you a lot of new features and a whole new, simple design. It has been developed for you with love and sufficient precision to sustain the ESSENS quality.


The dashboard serves for a quick overview of your commissions, your current position and future position. Here, you will also find your E-wallet balance, personal and group points. Once you turn on the LIVE button, your statistics and information will be continuously updated.


You can easily access your tree through the dashboard. It serves as an overview of your members, their position, the number of points and the commission amount.


You will see in the E-shop new categories – beauty, health and home. From now on, shopping will be easier and more effective.


Thanks to clarity of each step in your cart, the completion of your order will be easier than ever before.

In the second step of the order you will be able to choose a feature that will apply to your ordered items.

In the third step, you select the type of delivery and payment. You can also apply your commissions here.

In the fourth step, a recap of your order will be ready. Then just confirm your order and pay.


Would you like to use the app myESSENS to the fullest? Register easily and quickly under your Sponsor, in four simple steps.


You will receive through a messenger current news and information from the ESSENS world.