ESSENS is one of the most dynamic MLM companies in Europe. It was established in 2011 in the Czech Republic based on the cooperation with professionals in network marketing and leading experts in the area of development and production of cosmetics and food supplements. At first, ESSENS gained respect by introducing a number of exclusive perfumes of the highest possible quality, followed by the first food supplements, which gradually grew into a rich portfolio. Their success was mainly due to their connection with big capacities from the fields of pharmacology, food and biotechnology, and these personalities soon became the faces of the ESSENS Scientific Board. The range of products has gradually increased with other important product lines and our portfolio can currently be divided into three basic categories. Cosmetics, food supplements and home. This includes not only gentle and ecological cleaning products, but also products that create cozy living. A popular assortment has become a luxury collection of decorative cosmetics, which was created by combining leading make-up artists and contributed to entering the world of beauty as a co-owner of the traditional brand Czech Miss ESSENS.

ESSENS constantly surprises and comes up with various projects that, through its network of members, distributors and leaders, these have an impact on the markets of many countries and bring invaluable benefits to millions of satisfied customers. ESSENS offers its members not only premium products, its own search engine for tickets and hotels through ESSENS Travel, but also bonus benefits and above-standard conditions for working with its team. The most significant benefit is the solid foundation of foreign branches, which provide support to members of their country on three different continents. An important benefit is also a fair reward system, branded fleet programme or an all-inclusive seaside holiday. Club members can use educational programmes and gain information every month through news broadcasts on the ESSENS TV platform. Proof of this successful business is our own headquarters in Brno, as well as the four-star hotel complex Chateau de Frontiere with the luxurious Restaurant ESSENS.