myESHOP is a great tool for anyone who wants to buy ESSENS products at catalogue prices without having to register with the ESSENS Club. For purchase via myESHOP it is necessary to know only the number of the sponsor, i.e. someone who is already registered in the ESSENS Club and has this service active.

There are two ways for customers to access this E-shop: 1) Through a unique website ID) 2) Through QR code that you will receive from sponsor (registered member), which will direct you to the actual page

After loading the website or QR code, a window opens where the member ID is pre-filled. The customer only completes an email and selects the purchase country.
The first button in the upper bar will take the customer to the E-shop.
All prices displayed are catalogue prices and promotion prices are not available to myESHOP customers.
Purchase continues as a standard E-shop, where customer fills in delivery details (Name, Phone and Address) and selects shipping and payment method.
Terms of delivery for myESHOP customers are the same conditions as those for members. For myESHOP only card payment is possible.
Once the order is paid, the Sponsor, whose ID was used for completing the purchase, will receive a message with purchase details.
For any queries or comments, please use our customer service contact email: