ESSENS Travel is a new lifestyle.
This unique project allows you to travel, explore new countries and experience unique adventures. ESSENS Travel was created in with cooperation with WEB SHOP FLY, a.s, the operator of the website

Choose from thousands of flight tickets and enjoy all the benefits that ESSENS Travel is offering:

- low price guarantee
- possibility to apply commissions for the purchase of flight tickets up to 100%!!!
- points for each flight ticket purchased
- on-line support

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Point value of flight tickets

1. Low-cost flight tickets (low cost flights, list of airlines HERE) – 10 points for every flight ticket regardless of the price
2. Standard GDS flight tickets - 1 point for every 8 €


1. Using your commissions (yes, up to 100% of your ticket value!)
2. Combined payment by your commissions and payment card
3. Payment card only


1. Answers to the most frequently asked questions HERE
2. If there is no answer to your question in the previous link, you can use the contact form HERE
3. Online Support
MO – SUN 7:00 – 00:00 hrs.
4. Hotline Support
supported languages – EN, CZ, SK
Tel: +420 222 266 966
MO - FRI 7:00 – 00:00 hrs.

Log in

1. Log in to the ESSENS website. You can find the link to on the top bar in the E-shop. 2. Enter the direct address in the browser.


In the top view of the site, select your departure location, destination, date, number of passengers, baggage, etc. You can then select the ticket options based on the selected parameters.
ESSENS Travel is ready for all the most common ways how to find tickets:

- VI know exactly where I want to fly and I know the exact date and the length of my stay
- I know exactly where I want to fly, but I am flexible with dates, I can stay for example +- 2 days and I search for the most competitive ticket price
- I know approximately when I want to fly, but I am undecided where to, and I want to find the best price (for example Weekend Break somewhere in Europe)
- I have a set budget and I am flexible where I will travel to

The number of destinations offered at special prices is huge, so why not take advantage of this?
After entering the required parameters, you will be redirected to the flight offers. It is up to you which one you will choose.
Once you have chosen a flight, you will be redirected to the detail of a particular flight for you to check and confirm.
If the flight data is convenient, the next step is to complete your personal information. This information must match your travel document information. For the next step, payment details, it is necessary to agree to WEB SHOP FLY, a. s Terms and Conditions.


Before processing the payment, you will always be offered the option to apply commissions from your E-wallet, in any amount and up to 100% of the flight ticket price.

There are three ways how pay for a flight:

1. Using your commissions
2. Combined payment by your commissions and payment card
3. Payment card only

Attention! Low-cost flight ticket once paid, it can no longer be cancelled or changed.

You will receive two emails after a successful payment transaction. Summary of your flight will be sent directly from WEB SHOP FLY, a. S. and invoice will be sent directly from ESSENS.
You can view and manage your flight ticket in section "My Office" section, where you can also see the number of points that have been credited for this order.

1) Destination selection:

2) Best value ticket selection and watchdog:

3) Completing personal, contact and billing details:

4) Ticket payment: